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More Accounts and Images; ARS Germplasm Resources Information Network (PEVO) Integrated Taxonomic Information System (PEKO3) Petrea volubilis forma pubescens Petrea volubilis Linnaeus, forma pubescens (Moldenke) Moldenke, Phytologia 44: 328. 1979. BASIONYM: Petrea volubilis Linnaeus, var. pubescens Moldenke 1938.

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2019-11-12 · Petrea volubilis (Queen's Wreath, Purple Wreath) in Hyderabad, AP W IMG 9589.jpg 440 × 600; 140 KB Petrea volubilis - Hong Kong Botanical Garden - IMG 9563.JPG 2,448 × 3,264; 4.89 MB Petrea volubilis - Naples Botanical Garden - Naples, Florida - P3180090.jpg 4,608 × 3,072; 3.09 MB Original Watercolor Petrea Volubilis Flower, Original Painting, Purple flower, Home Décor, Gift Artwork. RenzArtStudio. 5 out of 5 stars. (27) $29.00 FREE shipping. Add to … 2021-3-27 · Linnaeus named Petrea in honour of Robert James Petre, 8th Baron Petre of Ingatestone Hall, Essex, England, who was a patron of botany; volubilis is a Latin word meaning ‘that turns itself around’, i.e., twining. The whole Petrea genus is native to Mexico and Central America.

Bor & Raizada, Beaut. Ind. Climb. and Shrubs 141.

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Inflorescence raceme spike, usually axillary,  2 Oct 1999 Flowers literally cover the vine for several weeks. General Information.

Petrea volubilis

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Petrea volubilis

Petrea volubilis (Queen's Wreath) - An evergreen clambering and twining vine that in Central America can grow to great heights with support (25-40 feet) but in cultivation is more often seen as a espalier subject or a smaller vine though plants to 20 feet have been noted in Southern California. This species may be grown in a container, but where it isn't hardy it needs a greenhouse or conservatory to overwinter. Though it's fast growing and can reach 40', it is often maintained as a standard or espalier. Needs a strong support. Can be grown on a fence. Petrea species scandent or climbing shrubs.

Får mängder ned blåa blommor hela  Rosensky Antigonon leptopus. Ludwigia octovalvis. Skär sefyrlilja Zephyranthes carinata. Madagaskarduva. Petrea volubilis purple wreath Propellerbusksläktet. Passiflora laurifolia L. V. Passiflora ligularis Juss. V. Passiflora maliformis L. V. Passiflora subpeltata Ortega, V. Passiflora vitifolia Kunth, V. Petrea volubilis L. V. PlantFiles Pictures: Queen's Wreath, Bluebird Vine, Sandpaper Vine (Petrea volubilis) by Kell.

Petrea volubilis

125. 1. 3 years ago. Petrea volubilis #flowers #lavendul. 13.

Light: Partial to full sun.
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362. Title. … 49 rows 2018-5-8 · Queen's wreath (Petrea volubilis) is a stunning tropical vine that resembles wisteria with its drooping lavender flowers. You may know this vine by one of its other common names: Petrea, purple wreath, or sandpaper vine. 2003-6-30 · Petrea volubilis -- Queen’s Wreath Page 3 October 1999 Figure 3.