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Files in the directory mydocs, or files with the name todo.html are excluded. Write the file docs/readme.txt as /usr/doc/ant/README into the archive. 2019-08-08 · tarName.tar - You can choose any name that you'd like. Just make sure that you include the .tar extension at the end. You can add a path to the file name if you want to create the tarball in a different directory than your current working one.

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So, you should use --exclude='.git' not ./.git. But rather than using find for this, you might want to use globstar to make globbing recursive: shopt -s globstar tar --exclude='.git' -czvf beer.tar.gz /home/karl/dev/beer/** Note that I've left off the leading and trailing "/" in the grep pattern since you want a match whether or not tar had stored those in the archive. EDIT: There's an echo in here! thank you. that actually works. If you look at the output of your find command before you pipe it (generally a good idea), you will see it has no leading ./.

and I want to create a tar with only "dir1" as the leading directory: /dir1/file1 /dir1/file2. I know I can first cd to the directory.

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To extract files from tar file: $tar -xvf user_dir.tar. 4.To tar files as per include options: $tar -cvf user_dir.tar -I list_of_files. 5.

Tar omit leading directory

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Tar omit leading directory

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Since it's  "Remove tables with the prefix \"simpletest\" and temporary directories " "that are msgstr "" "Om du raderar ett språk tar du bort alla gränssnittsöversättningar modules/book/book.module:453 msgid "This is the top-level page in this book. -time Mät tiden det tar att exekvera varje barnprocess\n" #: gcc.c:2987 msgid fortran/io.c:642 msgid "P descriptor requires leading scale factor" msgstr msgid "Omit the frame pointer in leaf functions" msgstr "Utelämna rampekaren i common.opt:1573 msgid "Set the top-level directory for storing the profile data.
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Tar omit leading directory

If you omit /s, xcopy works within a single directory.

No such file or directory. With the leading / it works fine except for the warning. 2006-06-20 · One other thing to consider when using tar is an option which causes tar to backup files before the containing directories. Since you use the -p option, this will allow you to restore files in directories you don't have 'x' or 'r' rights to.
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You can run editing commands on each input line to delete or change the input.